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Free Roll-Up Banner & Business Cards

Here at L.E. Graphics we are approaching a milestone, our artwork database is approaching 10,000 (ten thousand) entries.

To celebrate this event we are running two very special offers until the end of April. You can follow these links to read about our Business Card Offer and Roll Up Banner Offer.

Every time we design a layout for a sign, vehicle livery or print job we give the design files a number which is entered in our database and means we can find the design files in the future should your sign or vehicle ever need repaired or should you need a repeat order. This is seperate to our database of embroidery design files which we use to store the patterns for your embroidered logos and emblems.

Now for the Good News!

We estimate that artwork file number Ten Thousand will be entered in our database sometime over the next six weeks and we have reserved one Roll Up Banner and One Thousand full colour Business Cards (both including design) for the lucky customer who’s job happens to be number 10,000 in our database!  Just to spread the joy a little further we will also design and print One Thousand business cards for the lucky customers with job numbers 9,999 and 10,001

Roll-up-banners from LE Graphics

No entry is required, simply place your orders for sign, graphic and print products as usual and you will be in with a chance!
No alternative prizes are available and winners will be announced online at once the prizes have been awarded.

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