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Personalised Packing Tape from L.E. Graphics

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Unfortunately due to manufacturing difficulties we are no longer able to supply custom branded packing tape

Custom Printed Packing Tape from L.E. GraphicsL.E. Graphics can provide a wide range of personalised products and just one of these is custom printed packing tapes.

With a minimum order quantity of just 72 rolls and prices starting from as little as  £1.47 per roll, personalised packaging tape can be a very effective brand building product for your business.

Packaging tapes are used when a product needs to be packed in cartons or paper packages before shipment. The tape goes wherever the package goes, and can act as a carrier for the company’s messages.

The message can differ in its intent. It might just consist of handling instructions as when it says ‘FRAGILE’. It can serve as a label, say, ‘REJECTED’ in bold red. It can identify the product in the package.

The one message that all marketing oriented companies will want, however, is a brand-building or promotional message. Custom printed tapes with the company’s logo, name and contact details can help create brand recognition.

The advantage of custom printing of packaging tapes with brand-building and other promotional messages is that many people see it during its transit.

At the destination, a high quality packaging tape with high quality printing can impress the customer, and reinforce the company brand in their mind.

Of course, printed packing tape can be used for a multitude of things other than packing! – Many of our clients use printed tapes to mark tools, plant and equipment, and if it is printed with your address (as our own is) then it can be used to add return addresses to parcels and large envelopes.

Contact us today for and get a quote for your own personalised packing tape.