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The Big Bus is Coming Back!

We are pleased to announce that the Action Cancer Big Bus is coming back to LE Graphics. The Big Bus will be at LE Graphics on FRIDAY 8th DECEMBER 2017. Booking is essential and bookings fill up very fast so please book your appointment now!

LE Graphics have had a long relationship with Northern Ireland’s leading cancer charity Action Cancer and last September David Donaldson from LE Graphics travelled to Iceland to take part in a  fundraising trek for the charity. David has been fundraising for the charity since 2002 and this was his seventh international trek for the charity. This week David will head off on another fundraising trek for Action Cancer – this time to the challenging Inca Trail in Peru.

Both LE Graphics and Action Cancer are grateful for the support the people of Fermanagh have given to the charity and to acknowledge this support in a practical way they have arranged for Action Cancer’s mobile unit, the Big Bus, to visit LE Graphics on several occasions previously. The Big Bus provides two services which are now available to book:

1. If you are a women aged 40-49 or over 70 you are eligible to make an appointment for breast screening on the unit. The charity is the only place in Northern Ireland for women outside of NHS age range to avail of a breast screening for free so this is a great opportunity. The screening takes only a few minutes and for the majority of women provides peace of mind.

2. MOT health Checks are open to all regardless of age and gender and they are a great way to get a current picture of your health. The check tales about 20 minutes and you will be able to choose from a variety of options including blood pressure, cholesterol levels and peak flow. You will also stand on the body composition scales to receive a print out of details such as muscle mass, hydration levels, fat around your organs, and BMI. The health promotion officer carrying out your assessment will be able to provide advice and information about lifestyle improvements and cancer prevention.

Call Action Cancer on 9080 3344 or visit www.actioncancer.org to make your appointment for either service.