Custom Printed Carpet Logo Mats

Build your brand with our best selling custom logo mat

Rubber Backed Carpet Logo Mats

Ideal for Hospitality, Schools, Supermarkets, Offices, Factories and Shops. You can use any number of colours from the selection available on a large variety of mat sizes. Your logo or image is printed directly onto the mat's surface. Printed on a state-of-the-art digital printer colours are permanently dyed into the carpet and then treated with an exclusive stain-stopper technology to prevent colour loss. Reproduction of fine details, shading and 3 dimensional images are easily possible with this cutting-edge print process. You can chose from our pallet of 66 standard colours for your mat - and you can use as many of those colours as you wish! Our special software will convert full colour and photographic images for reproduction.

Recommended for indoor commercial use at entryways, in lobbies, at front desks or anywhere you want to display your company logo, slogan, artwork, or message to customers/visitors or employees. Recommended for indoor commercial use at entryways, in lobbies, at front desks or anywhere additional traction or moisture control is needed.

60 x 85 cm

75 x 85 cm

85 x 115 cm, 85 x 150 cm, 85 x 300 cm

115 x 180 cm, 115 x 200 cm, 115 x 240 cm, 115 x 250 cm, 115 x 300 cm

150 x 200 cm, 150 x 240 cm, 150 x 250 cm, 150 x 300 cm

200 x 200 cm, 200 x 300 cm

Special sizes available.

Maximum size: 200 x 550 cm.

  • YARN: Continuous filament PET yarn with 100% post- consumer recycled content.
  • YARN WEIGHT: 900 gr/m².
  • STATIC CONTROL: ISO 6356 (2012) Determination of the static electrical propensity – walking test: -0.3 kVolts. Satisfies IBM test requirements.
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 2.90 kg/m².
  • PRIMARY BACKING: Freudenberg LUTRADUR Polyester Spun bound Non-woven Fabric 130gr/m².
  • RUBBER BACKING: 100% Nitrile EXS™ rubber for maximum oil resistance, weight reduction, and flexibility. Compression-molded with reinforced borders on all four sides.
  • SIZE VARIANCE: +/- 5%
  • FLAMMABILITY: Passes BS 4790 (1987) determination of the flammability of textile floor coverings: Low radius of effects of ignition.

Our Carpet Logo Mats can be cleaned in several different ways.

  1. They can be commercially laundered (see Laundering Instructions)
  2. Vacuumed regularly (daily in high-traffic areas; weekly in lower-traffic applications)
  3. Cleaned with an extractor, or hosed off as necessary to remove heavy soil.

Hang to dry. Mats should always be dry before they are placed back in service.

  1. Flush, 2-3 Min. on a medium water level with a maximum temperature of 49°C
    Flush (optional), 2-3 Min. on a medium water level with a maximum temperature of 49 °C
    Break, 2-3 Min. on a high water level with a maximum temperature of 49 °C
    Rinse, 2 Min. on a high water level with cold temperature
    Rinse, 2 Min. on a high water level with cold temperature
    Extract on low speed, 1-2 Min.
    Shake out with the drum turning, 1 Min.
    Extract, on a maximum of 250G, 3-5 Min.
    Dry (optional), 5-10 Min. with a maximum basket temperature of 82 °C
    Cool down, 5 Min.

Additional Recommendations:

  • For Heavy Soiled Mats, increase the temperature up to max. 60°C.
    Break should not exceed pH of 9,5; use low pH non-ionic detergents.
    Do not overdry mats; Basket-temperature of the dryer should not exceed 82 °C.
    If mats are not dried, the final rinse can be increased to 49 °C. This will reduce moisture retention following extraction.
    Lay mats flat following removal from washer; allow mats to cool before rolling.

Environmentally Friendly

Our carpet logo mats can be machine washed and come with an unbeatable 5 year warranty. Our mats are also the most ECO FRIENDLY in the industry - the nylon yarn used to make the carpet is made from 100% post consumer recycled PET (plastic bottles!) and the nitrile rubber backing is 100% recyclable. The entire production process is European based which also greatly reduces the carbon footprint.

There are no artwork or set up costs and mats are delivered in just two weeks from confirmation of artwork. A proof drawing will be delivered by email (or post if you prefer) for your approval prior to production. Simply email your image, logo or slogan to us and you could have your new logo mat within 2 weeks.

The best quality mats in the business - guaranteed!

  • GUARANTEED for 5 Years – Our high quality mats will not rot, fade, curl or crack
  • Machine Washable – or vacuum / shampoo as necessary
  • We have 66 different print colours – use as many of these as you want in your carpet mat – the price is the same regardless of the number of colours.
  • No set up or artwork charges. (Many other companies charge for this)
  • Printed portrait or landscape.
  • Industrial quality, designed for high traffic areas in schools, supermarkets and businesses.
  • Designed as a barrier mat to remove dirt and moisture from footwear.
  • Nitrile rubber backing – many cheaper mats use vinyl backing which cracks and curls.
  • The digital print goes right to the base of the fibres, is chemically guarded and then oven baked to ensure print durability.
  • Unlimited standard and bespoke sizes up to 5.5 Metres by 2 Metres (5.5M x 2M)
  • With or without rubber border
  • Can be cut to shape or size on site with no ravelling or fraying at edges
  • Choice of gripper backing for carpets or flat backing for hard floor
  • Delivery normally within 2 weeks from receipt of approved artwork

Carpet Logo Mat Price List

Prices in GBP (£) excluding VAT. Delivery (Europe) £22 per order.  All sizes are subject to   +/- 5% tolerance as rubber contracts and expands in production .  Maximum custom size 550 x 200cm
Prices are for standard 1.5mm nitrile rubber backing. For 3.0mm backing add 25%.

Size cm Price Each (1) 2+ 5+ 10+ 21+
60 x 85 cm £79.04 £74.22 £72.16 £68.72 £65.30
75 x 85 cm £94.48 £88.72 £86.26 £82.12 £78.04
85 x 115 cm £144.66 £135.84 £132.06 £125.76 £119.54
85 x 150 cm £188.90 £177.44 £172.52 £164.26 £156.10
85 x 300 cm £376.36 £353.46 £343.64 £327.24 £310.98
115 x 180 cm £305.54 £286.92 £278.92 £265.62 £252.42
115 x 200 cm £339.48 £318.82 £309.96 £295.16 £280.48
115 x 240cm £407.34 £382.58 £371.94 £354.20 £336.58
115 x 250cm £425.04 £399.20 £388.10 £369.58 £351.24
115 x 300 cm £509.22 £478.20 £464.90 £442.74 £420.72
150 x 200 cm £442.76 £415.84 £404.28 £385.00 £365.88
150 x 240 cm £531.34 £499.00 £485.14 £461.96 £439.02
150 x 250 cm £553.46 £519.80 £505.34 £481.28 £457.32
150 x 300 cm £664.16 £623.78 £606.42 £577.50 £548.76
200 x 200 cm £590.36 £554.44 £539.02 £513.30 £487.80
200 x 300 cm £885.56 £831.66 £808.56 £769.98 £731.70
Custom Size (Sq M) £177.12 £166.34 £161.72 £154.00 £146.32
Special Shape (Sq M) £265.66 £249.52 £242.54 £231.00 £219.50

Watch a brief behind the scenes look at how we produce your branded logomats

Size and Shape? - you choose!

Our pricelist shows prices for the most common mat sizes, however we can make mats in any size up to 5.5M x 2M and in almost any shape. Circular and semi circular mats can be made up to 200cm diameter with a border or 195cm diameter without a border (some special shaped mats will not have a rubber border). Contact us with your requirements for custom sizes or shapes. All dimensions are subject to 5% variation due to the manufacturing processes involved - if your mat is required to sit within a mat well we recommend ordering oversized and cutting down to suit. Our mats can be easily cut to size using a sharp knife or shears and thanks to the nitrile rubber backing they will not fray or unravel at the edges.

Prevent Accidents with High Quality Mats

Use mats made from quality materials, especially in high traffic areas. Vinyl-backed mats are often a tempting choice because they are cheaper, but they do not perform very well where there is more than moderate traffic. They are also prone to cracking and curling around the edges. When this happens, they can become dangerous if still in use. If you’re interested in mats that offer long-term durability and safe performance, it is better to invest in a rubber-backed mat. It will not crack or curl and will lay flat providing years of reliable service.

Select the proper mat backing surface based on your floor surface. Mats placed on smooth floors (tile, wood, and marble) will perform best with a smooth backing surface. Smooth backing on a smooth floor creates the most contact between the two surfaces, and therefore the most friction which minimizes movement. Mats placed on carpeted floors will perform best with a claw backing. Claws are small nubs that grip the carpeted surface to minimize movement.

Maintain your mats properly. If you want your car to perform best, you can’t skip oil changes and tyre rotations, etc. Mats are no different. They should be properly maintained to be effective. This means regular cleaning to remove dirt, sand, and moisture. Frequency of cleaning and methods used will depend on the usage of the mat. Regular maintenance can be done with a vacuum cleaner. Deeper cleaning can be done using a spray extractor, pressure washer or by laundering in a washing machine.

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