Marking History – Catalina Graphics

L.E. Graphics putting the finishing touches to the graphics on a PBY Catalina Flying Boat

23rd September was the first time in over 70 years that two PBY Catalina Seaplanes were be seen together in the skies over Lough Erne.

The Fermanagh Seaplane Festival took place on 24 and 25 September and on Friday 23rd two of the iconic WWII aircraft returned to Fermanagh.

LE Graphics were thrilled to be called to apply graphics to one Catalina which had just landed following a 5 hour flight from Paris.

Applying the graphics on such a historic aircraft was a special treat for David Donaldson who is himself a qualified seaplane pilot although he says it did seem a bit strange applying a “.com” message on the side of a second world war aircraft !!

The graphics advertising the Discover Ireland web site were only designed to be on the aircraft for the duration of the seaplane festival but they delighted the French pilot so much that he declared to us that he was going to keep them on the sides of the plane. So, although the plane cannot remain in Fermanagh for ever,  at least a little bit of Ireland will remain with the plane!

Aircraft graphics are not unusual for LE Graphics in the same week alone we made and applied graphics to two Helicopters and a Maul Seaplane in addition to the Catalina.

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