New life for old signs


An existing illuminated sign fitted with new panels and LED lighting


Do you have a sign which is looking tired or worn. It may not be necessary to replace it completely. Sometimes a older sign may be built on a  solid structure and all that it may need is some loving care and some refurbishment such as a new coat of paint, new lighting or some fresh graphics.

The example shown is an existing double sided  projecting sign which was internally illuminated with fluorescent tubes. The lighting gear was corroded and only partially working. We were able to replace the face panels with new brighter panels decorated with refreshed graphics in keeping with the clients new image. The old  fluorescent lighting was replaced with energy efficient LED lighting resulting in a refreshed sign for much less than the cost of a new sign.

The sign shown was refurbished for  The Valley Hotel in Fivemiletown, Co Tyrone

Why not contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the possibility of breathing some new life into your old signs.

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