Time to Refresh Old Signs?

Is your signage tired or broken?

We are often so busy with the day to day running of our businesses that we don't have the time to stop and take stock of how our premises look to customers and visitors. In most cases our signage is the very first point of contact and the first impression that a potential new customer gets of your business and it's important to get that right.

That's exactly why fashion retailers S.D. Kells carried out a recent audit at their Banbridge and Enniskillen stores and then called us to put the problems right.

Both shops were suffering from perhaps the most common age-relate issue which we see with external signage. The plastic locator studs which are used to mount the letters and logos become brittle with long term exposure to UV light. Eventually they split, losing their grip and allowing the letters to fall.
Although we didn't make the original signage, our experience in the business has allowed us to become accomplished at matching signage and we were able to make new letters to colour match the rest of the existing sign and to cover the marks and holes left in the paintwork from the old letters. As a bonus the new locators which we use, have a much longer life due to increased resistance to UV light.

The video above shows how we replaced lettering at the Banbridge store and were able to hide all marks from the old signage.

If you have a sign with missing letters, maybe now is a good time to get it sorted. Or if you have signage mounted on locator studs which are 10+ years old, our advice would be to replace the studs before your lose any letters. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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