Turn Your Vehicle into a Mobile Billboard!

Research by a leading transport association shows that graphics on long-haul vehicles generate over 10 million impressions per lorry per year and intra-city lorries deliver an average of over 16 million impressions per year. Further research has shown that delivery and service vans operating in rural towns will generate around 8 million impressions over the average 6 year service life and that:

  • 91% of those who see vehicle graphics will notice the words and pictures.
  • 75% will form an opinion of them.
  • 29% of all viewers will make a buying decision based on their impression of a company vehicle.

Take advantage of this un-tapped exposure to increase your sales. For years now LE Graphics have been at the forefront of designing and applying vinyl vehicle graphics. Technology is ever changing and with the installation of our very latest large format solvent printer we are now able to offer full-wrap vehicle liveries.

Vehicle Wraps

Using the latest in high tech conformable vinyl and solvent ink technology it is now possible to design and install vehicle liveries that completely “wrap” the vehicle in advertising. A vehicle wrap is a carwash and sunlight proof self-adhesive colour printed film, which is applied to your vehicle. It will not harm your bodywork and can be removed without any damage. The wrap protects the vehicle’s paintwork against stone
chips and minor scratches; it also ensures that, when the time to sell arrives, the paintwork is in pristine condition with no dulling or fading. If you run a business the chances are that you have at least one company vehicle. Whatever line of work you’re in, vehicle wrapping is a cost effective way to turn your car, van, taxi or lorry into a professional and high impact, mobile advertisement. Wherever you drive you’ll be
building your brand and promoting your business. Research shows that this is a fast growing market in advertising business, promotions or just your company in general.

Vehicle Wrap

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