Wall Art for Dementia Care

A "Special" Job

We're lucky that we enjoy our work and get a great variety of jobs to do. But truth be told, some jobs are just a little more special than others and this was one of those jobs. We recently spent some time in Ash Villa at the Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital in Omagh (part of Western Health and Social Care Trust) applying a series of wall art and door wraps.

Ease confusion

Ash Villa is a Dementia Assessment and Admission Unit and the surroundings within the ward play a key part in the comfort of it's residents. Wall art can help ease confusion, calm patients and create a more relaxing and pleasant environment for residents, staff and visitors alike. Wrapping bedroom doors to make them look like individual house doors creates a sense of individuality and helps residents to easily recognise their own room.

Calming Environment

Two of the visiting day rooms were wrapped to look like a garden room complete with climbing plants, and a living room, with wall papare, wood pannelling and framed pictures, all in a vinyl wrap. In rooms where, for safety reasons, it is not possible to hang real pictures we were able to soften the surroundings by applying printed "faux" pictures to the walls. Congratulations to the family groups who raised money to fund a major overhaul of Ash Villa.

Our Contribution

We at LE Graphics were delighted to contribute to the project by sponsoring the design, print and installation of a "memory wall" featuring a collage of old posters and images from years gone by.

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