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Why we don’t do “Great Offers”!

Every week we receive emails from other clothing suppliers both local and national, offering “Great Offers” on embroidered clothing and uniform. We’re sure you get lots of these emails too – except not from us!


We thought we’d take a moment to explain to our customers why WE DON’T DO GREAT OFFERS!

We have been supplying work wear, promotional clothing and staff uniforms for almost twenty years now and we think we know a thing or two about what our customers want and how to provide it. Our customers want quality, brand-name garments with a professional and flexible embroidery service, no minimum order quantities and at value for money prices. Here at L.E. Graphics that’s exactly what we provide on a daily basis.


Every one of our thousands of available garments comes from a leading brand-name supplier. All of our products are available with an order quantity of just ONE and all of our pricing is published and available on-line and in our free of charge printed catalogue – for you this means no hidden costs or guess work!


We believe that you want the flexibility to choose the garments which suit your needs and not to be tied to “package deals” but we also know that you want to be sure that you’re getting the best possible value for your money every time you buy from us. To prove our point we have had a look at the most recent one of those emails which we received from another supplier and we have listed their “Great Deals” below compared to our normal, day-in day-out prices, to show you what a truly great deal is ….. see for yourself:



 Competitors “Great Deal”

 6 Polo Shirts, 3 Soft Shell Jackets, 3 Fleeces £194.00

 L.E. Graphics – every day value

 6 x GD40 Gildan Polo Shirts £5.60 each

 3 x RG165 Regatta Soft Shell Jackets £19.60 each

 3 x RS114M Result Fleeces £10.95 each

 12 x Embroidered Logos £3.50 each

 LE Graphics total cost £167.25

 Saving you £26.75!


 Competitors “Great Deal”

 6 Ladies Blouses, 3 Gents Shirts, 3 Sweaters £275.00

 L.E. Graphics – every day value

 6 x PR302 Premier Blouses £11.25 each

 3 x PR202 Gents Shirts £12.00 each

 3 x 90000 SOL’s V Neck Sweater £15.80 each

 12 x Embroidered Logos £3.50 each

 LE Graphics total cost £192.90

 Saving you £82.10!


 Competitors “Great Deal”

 1 Hi-Viz Jacket, 3 Hi-Viz Polo Shirts, 2 Hi-Viz Trousers   £155.00

 L.E. Graphics – every day value

 1 x PW003 Portwest Hi-Vis Traffic Jacket £22.90 each

 3 x PW061 Portwest Hi-Vis Polo Shirts £11.40 each

 2 x RS22 Result Hi-Vis Trousers £12.20 each

 4 x Embroidered Logos £3.50 each

 LE Graphics total cost £95.50

 Saving you £59.50!


 Competitors “Great Deal”

 12 T-Shirts Printed with your message £112.00

 L.E. Graphics – every day value

 12 x SS12 T-Shirts £3.30 each

 12 x Full Colour Prints £4.00 each

 LE Graphics total cost £87.60

 Saving you £24.40!


 Competitors “Great Deal”

 2 Chef’s Jackets, 3 Ladies Waistcoats, 3 Full Aprons £159.00

 L.E. Graphics – every day value

 2 x PR657 Premier Long Sleeve Chef’s Jacket £16.55 each

 3 x PR621 Premier Ladies Waistcoat £13.60 each

 3 x PR165 Premier Full Length Apron £5.65 each

 8 x Embroidered Logos £3.50 each

 LE Graphics total cost £118.85

 Saving you £40.15!

If you want any of the deals above – just call us and, of course, we’ll be happy to help. Honestly though, every one of our customers is individual and important so we’d rather tailor a package to suit your individual needs and we can do just that AND save you money in the process.


Don’t just take our word for it – check our prices on-line and you’ll see that you don’t need to conform to pre-set package deals, contact us today to discuss what you actually need with the confidence that you’ll get great products at a great price, delivered with a smile!


To make great value, even better – we may also be able to offer further discounts from our published prices for larger quantity orders – ask us today!


Just like the other suppliers – all prices above are quoted excluding VAT. Unlike the other suppliers we have told you exactly what brand and model of garment we will be supplying for your money!


LE Graphics, Raceview, Factory Road, Enniskillen, BT74 6DT

Tel: +44 (0)28 6632 5423



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