Vehicle Wrapping

L.E. Graphics are pleased to announce that in addition to our normal vehicle graphics services for which we have earned a country-wide reputation, we are now offering full and partial Vehicle Wrapping.

Vehicle wrapping also called Ad-wrapping can be described in its simplest terms as the process of complete or part covering of a vehicle with full colour images.

L.E. Graphics Transit Van

Research shows that over 3000 people per hour will see branded vehicles on the roads, with urban potential at 500-600 advertising impressions per mile, resulting in Vehicle wrapping being one of the most powerful, and cost effective forms of advertising available. Where-ever you drive; you will be constantly building your brand image and further promoting your business.

Vehicle wrapping is reported as being 800% more cost effective than, for example, a half page advertisement in local business newspapers.

Vehicle wrapping, applied professionally by L.E. Graphics, will educate, inform and, in many cases, entertain both motorists and pedestrians alike. Vehicle wrapping will reach consumers in many conditions that traditional advertising mediums are unable to reach and can easily be used to convey very specific messages.

Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wrapping is the one form of advertising that can not be switched off and is able to market itself proactively whilst you go about your normal daily business, whether it is intended for promotional or longer-term applications.

There are other less obvious but never-the-less beneficial side effects to Vehicle wrapping such as:

  • It will protect your vehicle paintwork from normal deterioration such as stone chips, road grime and minor abrasions, thereby extending potential vehicle life span.
  • Once the wrapping is removed, the vehicle returns to its former condition
  • A prominent colourful design helps to deter vehicle theft

To ensure your vehicles have that professional image in order to enhance the professional image of your company, talk to the experts today call us on 028 6632 5423 or send us an email now.

This is a white transit van!

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