Digital Menus & Signs

Like most industrys, the sign business is constantly changing but the latest advancement in technology which we feel will change the signage industry in a big way is widespread availability and the reduction in cost of High Definition Digital Signage.

Although the technology has been around for some time, it has now become affordable to the extent where we feel that it is within the reach of any small business who want to present a modern and forward-thinking image to their customers.

Digital signage varies widely in terms of both appearance and what it can do. Installations range from a single wall mounted digital poster to a seriew of inter-linked free standing directory cases which may have touch screen and bluetooth or wifi to enhance customer interaction and which can be updated instantly and remotely over the internet.

One of the most common applications for digital signage  is to use digital screen to replace sign whic traditionally need regular updates such as menu’s in takeways and restaurants or special offer poster in retail outlets.

Even the simplest of our digital signs feature easy update bus simply plugging in a  memory stick with the new graphic, and they can all be programmed to display still photos, videos (with sound) and animated graphics – they can even display different messages at different times of the day and turn themselves off at home time!

The photo above shows 4 x 32″ High Definition Digital Displays installed and configured as animated menu signs in Kenny’s Takeaway, Enniskillen.

Digital Poster Displays explained:

Our Digital Displays come in Freestanding and Wall Mount styles and range in size from 22″ to a massive 82″. They are can be configured in portrait or landscape orientation and are all backed by our fantastic customer service including installation, and vinyl wrapping to match your  corporate branding if required. You can easily upload your own graphics and /or videos or we can arrange for L.E. Graphics to design and manage all of the content for you.

Each digital poster display includes an integrated media player that will accept USB memory sticks to update media file.

If you have an application where a continuous display of images and where the data is only changed occasionally but with ease, then this is a very cost effective solution.

Simply power on the digital poster, the screen automatically starts playing the images, video and music that are loaded onto the internal memory card. You can set the play order and interval time of each slide and start and stop times, giving you complete control over every aspect of your digital presentation.

  • NEW HD1080 Model (digital poster)
  • Designed for 24/7 usage
  • HDMI, VGA, USB, Composite
  • Built in media player
  • FREE Playlist Creator & Editor Software (Disc)
  • Key Lockable USB & SD Memory Card slot
  • Single sided lockable door to rear
  • Slim line Rear Bracket & Wall Mount
  • 2GB Memory Card

Digital signage also comes in external styles and in models designed for tiling together to form video walls.


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